New Life in the UK Test (3rd edition) – what you need to know

New Life in the UK test

Updated: 18 September, 2022

Since 25 March 2013, people seeking permanent residence in the UK or naturalisation as a British citizen have had to pass a new updated Life in the UK test.

The new test is based on a new revised handbook called Life in the UK: A Guide for New Residents (3rd edition). The new handbook has been updated to give people a more accurate image of life in the UK, with a greater focus on British culture and history.

The first chapter talks about the values and principles of the UK and how to become a permanent resident or citizen of the UK.

The second chapter, called What is the UK?, is a very short one describing the different countries that make up the UK.

The third chapter called A Long and Illustrious History is by far the longest chapter in this new handbook. The previous test did not cover very much of the UK history. But this new chapter covers the entire UK history from the Stone Age to the 2010 coalition government. It describes in details, for example, the Middle Ages, The Tudors and Stuarts period, and the First and Second World War. Most of the Kings and Queens of Britain are talked about, and special descriptions have been written about prominent British figures such as William Shakespeare, Winston Churchill or Margaret Thatcher. This chapter also describes the main wars that Britain has been involved in over the centuries, from the battles against the Vikings to the latest conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq. Here is the chapter content:

• Early Britain
• The Middle Ages
• The Tudors and Stuarts
• A global power
• The 20th century
• Britain since 1945

The fourth chapter, called A Modern, Thriving Society, describes the UK today with the following chapter content:

• The UK today
• Religion
• Customs and tradition
• Sport
• Arts and culture
• Leisure
• Places of interest

The last chapter, called The UK Government, the Law and Your Role, gives information on government, democracy, the legal system and how people can contribute to their community. In this chapter, a great emphasis is given on the responsibilities as well as privileges of living in the UK. The chapter content is as follow:

• The development of British democracy
• The British constitution
• The government
• The UK and international institutions
• Respecting the law
• Fundamental principles
• Your role in the community

The new handbook testable content (which is the whole book except the glossary) is about 11,500 words longer than the previous handbook testable content. In addition, this new handbook has now about 210 dates to remember (as opposed to only about 30 for the previous handbook). So, the new handbook has much more information to learn.

On 8 September 2022 Her Majesty the Queen sadly passed away. Sections of the handbook, which refer to Queen Elizabeth II and the Monarchy, are out of date and have been removed. You will not be asked any questions on this as part of the Home Office approved test based on the current (3rd) edition of the Life in the UK handbook.

Like the old Life in the UK test, the new test consists of 24 multiple-choice questions that you will have to answer in 45 minutes.

Good luck to you all!

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177 replies on “New Life in the UK Test (3rd edition) – what you need to know”

  1. Hi,
    If I buy online course today then what is the validity period. Because I’ll spend few hours only in a week for reading these chapters. Please suggest the answer.


    1. Hello Srini. Your account will have no time limit, so you can practice as long and as much as you want. Cheers!

  2. Hello how are you thanks if u can answer to me please i need soon applay for citizen ship for 11 novembber but some people he told me i need the pass both exam B1 entry3 and life in the uk test please tell me really i need the both exam or just i need pass b1 please answer to me thank u

    1. Hello Sara. For this question, it is best if you contact the Life in the UK test helpline on the number below:
      0800 0154245
      Opening hours for the helpdesk is Monday to Friday 8-6.

  3. hello there,is there anyone can bright me with some help please. what do i have to do to get uk citizionship passport? do i only need to get life in the uk test certificates or do i also need entry-level 3 beside Of it? And how long do I have to wait to apply British passport after becoming resident? Many thanks.

  4. I already pass life in the uk test and I have to apply for British naturalisation I November this year I just want to ask that do I need to pass new version of life in the uk

  5. Hello…

    I ve passed my life in uk test in 2011 , will it be still valid if I want to apply for british citizenship?

    1. Hello Harry. Yes it should be still valid. To be 100% sure, please contact the Life in the UK test helpline on the number below:
      0800 0154245
      Opening hours for the helpdesk is Monday to Friday 8-6.

  6. I think this test is very hard even the English people they don’t knows they country very well!! They expecting for a forerunner people KN England batter then the English people dos I things it’s not fare

  7. Hi, if i take the exam next year at the month of Feb.2014 is still the same book 2013 3rd edition? Then if i pass the test next year is still valid the result of my exam life in the UK until my visa expired in 2015?thanks pls reply

    1. Hello Celine. Yes the book 3rd edition will the same in Feb 2014. The test result should still be valid in 2015. To be extra sure (sometimes rules change), you should contact the UK Border Agency to confirm this in 2015.

    1. Please contact the Life in the UK test helpline on the number below:
      0800 0154245
      Opening hours for the helpdesk is Monday to Friday 8-6.

    1. Hello Rupa. The UK government just changed their Life in the UK test this year (May 2013), so there shouldn’t be any change in the next few years. The 2015 edition should be the same as the one now (3rd edition).

  8. Hello. I have passed the life in the UK test 16.06.2011.My test instance ID was ( 2411234 ). Can I apply with this test result now , or do I have to take the test and pass it again ? Thank you.

    1. You shouldn’t have to pass a Life in the UK test again. To be 100% sure, please contact the Life in the UK test helpline on the number below:
      0800 0154245
      Opening hours for the helpdesk is Monday to Friday 8-6.

  9. I have applied for my British citizenship recently with the LITUKTest which I passed before March 25th without realising There was a new test so I proved my Btec NationalDiploma in Heath and social care with DDD triple distinction would that show home officer meet the requirement of speaking english. This new rules is crazy like. I have lived, went to school everything. Need help and advice am I gonna have a successful application or rejects because I didn’t take the new test and to provemy English

    1. Hi Hanna.
      Your 2013 LITUKTest should be still valid (please call the Life in the UK test helpline 0800 0154245 to confirm that).
      You might not need to pass an English speaking and listening test. The Home Office will accept a range of English language qualifications as evidence that your speaking and listening qualification in English is at B1 CEFR or higher. See https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/182545/statement-of-intent-koll.pdf
      Good luck!

  10. Hi,
    I would like to know what is the starting age of which you take the test. My younger brother is 14 years old and a non British citizen but has an indefinate leave to remain status, along with my mother. She has taken the test but wants to know if he will have to before she applies for citizenship?

    1. Normally, if you are under 18 years of age, yo don’t need to take the test. But it is always best to double-check with the Life in the UK test helpline on the number below:
      0800 0154245
      Opening hours for the helpdesk is Monday to Friday 8-6.

  11. Hi,

    I will be applying my citizenship soon so this means i will have to pass both tests. Currently i am a University student and studying Pharmacy which is a masters course. At the moment i am in the first year which is level 4. I have already passed my A levels and the A levels i studied were biology, chemistry and maths. I have also passed my english and maths gcse. I am aware that i will definitely have to pass the computer based life in the UK but can any of my achieved qualification mentioned above fulfills the requirements for english language qualification. Please kindly help!!!

    Kind Regards,


    1. Hello Hassan. We can only tell you that yes you will have to pass the Life in the UK test. For the language requirements, please call the UK Border Agency. Good luck!

  12. Hi can you tell me if ESOL LEVEL ENTRY 3 AND 2 covering the life in the UK test? Because i studied three days course which they told me this course covers everything including life in the UK test as i ready passed according to nationality check: i have to take life in the UK test.? Any advise? Thanks please

    1. We are not 100% sure about your situation, so it is best if you contact the Life in the UK test helpline on the number below:
      0800 0154245
      Opening hours for the helpdesk is Monday to Friday 8-6.

  13. Hi! Can you please tell me if it is any difference between these books- LIFE IN THE UK A GUIDE FOR NEW RESIDENTS (3rd ed) 2013 and LIFE IN THE UK A GUIDE FOR NEW RESIDENTS (3rd ed) 2014? I just bought 2013 book but sow online 2014 book! shall I change my book? thank you

  14. Hi I have bought the2014 version of this book and have booked my test for march. I just got an email telling me my test will be on the 3Rd edition. The 2013 book.do I now need to buy this or are they the same?

    Hope you can help!

    1. Hello Mel. The new 3rd edition is from March 2013. There is no new edition for 2014, so your 2014 book should be the exact same. Our program includes the 3rd edition. Good luck!

      1. Hi Admin, my PR application is due in this year. I need to know :
        – What is the validity of the test result of LIUK test ?
        – IS the new edition than 3rd EDition about to be published ? When?

        Thank you and regards,

        1. Hello Priti. There is no stipulated validity period, so the test should remain valid indefinitely. We are not aware of any new edition (4th edition) to be published in the near future. The 3rd edition is only a year old, so chances are the UK government won’t publish a new edition for a few years. Good luck

  15. Hi, I have been reading 2014 edition, Life in the uk test study guide. Today, I booked my test but it said the test will be based on 3rd edition. Is there much difference in the books. Thank you.

  16. Hi there, is this the latest edition? I am planning to give the LITUK test before September and am in dilemma as to which book to buy. Is buying a book better or learning online?

    1. Hello Sara. The 3rd edition is the latest edition that you must study. When you purchase our online training program, this study guide is included.

  17. Hi my name is Sahra I brought online training citizenship support is that the latest or I need to buy the book as well i need help coz I’m quite confused brought to many everyone is telling something deferent

  18. Hi, this new audtion is soooo hard, how can one foriegner remember soooo many dates…. I m sooooo much tensed about my test, i have a 11 months old baby, n this bloody test is soooo hard, how am i suppose to do it… I have purchased ur thing, but this is way toooo much lenghty… Plz do reply n help me, n tell me the easiest way to pass tge test…. My visa is finishing on 11th of october… N i have to pass the test before…,

    1. Yes this 3ed edition has a lot of information. Read the first chapter and then do the “chapter tests” for chapter 1. When you are confident enough with chapter 1, move to chapter 2, and so on. You have to practice a lot. There is no easy way. Good luck!

    1. If you have an excellent memory, just reading the book could be enough, but we recommend practicing also with our chapter tests and simulation tests.

    1. Hello Balaram. We do not ship any book. All our material is strictly online. You can access the study guide from within your online account. Good luck!

  19. hi there
    i was just wondering when and if there is a new edition coming out in 2015?
    I’m thinking to book the test by the end of the year and start preparing with the 3th edition books just don’t want to be told that there is new version out soon and i have to pass the test on it.
    Can u just tell me when the 2015 edition will be released.

    1. We cannot know for sure if the UK government will release a new study guide in 2015. Chances are they won’t, as the current edition is only from 2013, so we think it is pretty safe for you to study with the current version.

  20. Thank you for your help I passed for life in uk test .NOw I want to apply for citizenship application form but little damage was in the certificate from my handbag but they can still read it .can I send it with the form?

    1. Congratulations Wahiba! For you question, it is best to contact directly the UK Home Office. Good luck!

  21. Dear admin
    I passed the test at 15/03/2012 ,, do I need to do it again cos I want to apply for british citizenship on 20/04/2015 ,,


    1. Your test should still be valid. To be 100% sure, please contact the Life in the UK test helpline on the number below:
      0800 0154245
      Opening hours for the helpdesk is Monday to Friday 8-6.

    1. Yes you should be able to take it now. But please call the UK Visas and Immigration to confirm. Sometimes rules change.

  22. Hi, i passed my test in June 2012 and i am applying for naturalisation this month. Is my test result from 2012 still valid or do i have to pass the test again.

    1. Your test should still be valid. You can call the Life in the UK test helpline at 0800 0154245 (Opening hours for the helpdesk is Monday to Friday 8-6.) and confirm with them.

  23. Does it matter what handbook you use, as I’ve bought the 2015 3rd edition, but my email from the test centre advised 2013 3rd edition?

    1. They are both basically the same, except they revised a little bit chapter 1 for the 2015 version, so you are good with the book you bought.

  24. I have been practising with the life in uk test 2015 3rd edition but my test is after September 15th.I just want to know if the life in uk test 2015 3rd edition will still be valid by then or will there be changes.thanks.

      1. Could you let me know its ok if I read the 2nd edition 2007 life in the UK book to prepare for the tast or I should buy the new book.please I really need to know.

        1. You have to use the 2014 3rd edition to prepare for your test. Our training program includes this latest version. Good luck!

  25. Hi I have Life in the uk 2013 book and I want to do the test this year.Do I need to buy the new undated ‘Life in the UK’ book 2015 one.Please let me know and also is it online practice test is helpful?

    1. A third edition of this book has been released in 2014, so your 2013 book is outdated. Our online training program is very useful in preparing you for the test and we include the new updated study guide. Good luck!

  26. Hi,
    I have pass my english entry 3 level in 2012. I am planning to apply for British Citizenship next month. On gov.uk website says you need to prove your knowledge of english by having entry 3 or higher but I’m not sure if my certification is valid till date? Is it true that level B1 is equal to entry 3.? Also I have 2013 3rd edition book to study not sure if it’s more or less the same from 2014 or 2015 version? Thanks.

    1. We are not sure about your English requirements, it is best if you contact the Home Office directly. The study book has been updated, so you need to buy a new one. In our training program, we include this new updated book. Good luck!

  27. Hello there. I am doing a bit of forward planning for my wife. We are due to re-apply for her second half of her right to remain and it is not due until August 2016. Is it ok to take the test now and are there any plans to change or revise the material


  28. Pls can you help me how to past my exam I have 3 time to take a exam but I’m always lost I want to give up but pls help me I’m so sad every time I get my exam I’m felling always wrng thank you so much god blessed you all

  29. Hello I have my residence permit and I’m going to apply for my british passport it says I would have to do the life in the UK test is that the only test I will need to do?

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