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From Fabrice

I am very very happy. I don't know how to express my joy, because I passed my test with 100% .Thank you for your help. I already recommended the site to my friends to practice.

From Shakira

I only discovered this site last night after got fed up reading the book, to my surprise, I passed the test today. Alhamdullah!!
Will recommend this site to everyone willing to do the test, very helpful indeed!

From Elvis

I passed my test today. I finished all questions in 7 minutes with a score of 98%. All questions were the same as in your practice tests. This is a very important step in my life, so thank you for your help. It was worth the money.

From Anas

I would recommend this website to everyone will attend the Life in the UK test. It was big helpful for us to study and prepare for the test. At the test day we had the confidence that we prepare very good with the help of the website. Finally, we passed the test with full mark. Thank you for CitizenshipSupport.co.uk for big help.

From Bassam

My review: The audio files are so practical and helpful, u can listen to it while commuting, or exercising, or even before sleeping, it's such a great help. The test questions are abundant, which prepares you so well for the exam. I love this product, great value for your money. In one week of preparation using this program, I scored a perfect score on the actual exam
🙂 Thank you for such a great product. Highly recommended.



From Sara-Ann

This training tool is absolutely amazing! I read the book only once and
used the online training to prepare. The individual chapter review with the
respective test was most valuable. I sat the Life in the UK test exactly 1
week after purchasing the program and got the perfect score.

Thank you UK Citizenship Support Team!


From Alexandra

Dear CitizenshipSupport.co.uk team,

Today I've successfully passed the test and deeply grateful for the training provided on your site. Having a 2-month old baby I couldn't attend courses and not all the time had an opportunity to read book properly. Thus, listening to the records on your site during walking my baby out in the park and then practicing chapter and simulation tests helped me to prepare and feel confident on the test. The test I passed easily in several minutes, was not sure about 2 questions only. Would strongly recommend your site to everyone, especially to those people who due to limit of time cannot attend courses or give enough attention to the reading of the Life in the UK book.

Thank you for your support, indeed, much appreciated.

Dr. Alexandra S., PhD

From Ted

Before I found your website, I took the life in the uk test twice and failed!!! i started to panic but I came across this website!! I studied for 7days and I passed!!!!!! Mp3 was very useful as I found it difficult to sit and read the book. this website has an excellent training program and I would highly recommend it. Definitely worth the money!

From Abdu Lateef

I just want to say a big thank you for your very useful website. today i had my test and passed without any mistakes. All my answers were correct (24/24).
Kind regards.

From Karina

I passed my test this morning and I can't say thank you enough! The program helped me understand the information included in the guide and break it into pieces that were easy to learn. By taking all the chapter tests and the test simulators, the entire handbook is covered, leaving no room for surprises during the real test. I practiced until I was able to get perfect scores in all the chapter tests, and I studied the timeline until I could recite it in my sleep! After doing this, the test was incredibly easy to pass. Thank you for putting this program together, I'm extremely happy I found you.

From Christine

I just passed my test yesterday, I only had this website to help me for 1 week, but it was very valuable to me. Excellent website, great value for money, and it helped me greatly. One very pleased lady from Zamboanga, Philippines!

From Mervat

Hi there I am mervat from Syria
I would like to thank citizenship support team for this website it was really great , and helped me to pass my test easily, and I would advice everybody to buy this training program if he /she wants to pass from the first time
thank you again citizenship support .

From Abdirizak

It is my pleasure to have come across this website at the time I did. I had alot of confidence in doing the test and aced it. Therefore, it is my pleasure to urge everyone to enroll here for their assurance of success and for peace of mind.

From Usha

Dear Team,
Many thanks for your great online training program. It was indeed a great learning experience and tool to practice what I studied from the book. I passed the test with full marks because of your program. Will recommend your program to others. Keep up the good work.
Kind regards,

From Jeff

I took the Life in the UK Test and passed on the first go. I felt completely prepared and comfortable because of the training I did on the UK Citizenship Support platform. UK Citizenship Support offers by far the most comprehensive training available (I tried them all . . . ). It's quite helpful that the online tests are setup to look and behave exactly like the real test. It is also helpful that when you get a practice question wrong, one click immediately takes you to the the relevant Chapter of the Official Handbook.
Overall I give UK Citizenship Support my highest recommendation to assist you through the stressful process of taking the Life in the UK Test.

From Muhammad

I must thank you for your brilliant practice programme.It proved to be a great help for me.I passed the test by preparing for only two days.Only 2 candidates were passed out of 11 in my centre.It was tough though but with your great help I got through this test.You are doing great job,please keep on doing this tremendous work for helping and guiding the people who in need.
Kind Regards,

From Serena

Sat for my test this morning and passed it. Your simulation test format is identical to the actual test, and believe me – that really helps! Well done for having one of the most user-friendly, cost-effective LIUK sites! I highly recommend this site to anyone sitting for the test.
Thanks again, Serena.

From Steven

My Thai wife was concerned with the UK test. This Course is without doubt the most helpful, well layed out and easy format to understand. Well done to the creation team of this site and she passed first time and with only two weeks on this site studying a few hours here and there.
For those taking the official test….buy this course now and you will get your happiness

From Fola

I just passed my test!!! Buying this material was the best decision ever! I had failed my first attempt using another material and stumbled on this site after my first attempt. I read the handbook and practised the questions…by yesterday night I knew I was more than ready! Got 22 questions correct! The material is excellent, I will recommend to others!

From Marcin

I have passed my test Life in the UK yesterday. The website CitizenshipSupport.co.uk is the best possible way to prepare yourself to this very important test. The format of a test is exactly the same as the real one. There is over 2000 questions in the simulation test questions bank which is the best possible practice and revising tool. Each simulation test,after completing gives you the score which shows you the percentage of your final result, whether you passed it or failed it, number of questions you answered correctly and incorrectly plus possibility to open up the chapter to check the answer to the question that you have answered incorrectly. Once you have finished your simulation question bank tests you can reset it over and over again until you are comfortable enough to take the real test.
Excellent revising site. I thoroughly recommend it to everyone who want to succeed at first attempt. What's more its inexpensive-one small fee and you can use it for as long as you need it. I would like to thank the people who created this fantastic website. Thanks to you all I can now apply for naturalisation as a British citizen

From Bronwyn

Delighted I that I passed my test! I am so pleased that I found these simulation tests just days before doing my test. The other free of charge ones that I had been using were not up to date. I enjoyed the test format and will continue to enjoy using it to keep my knowledge up to date. All in all well worth the £19 spend!

From Shaila

This site is just an amazing tool to prepare for your test. If some one goes through all questions, there is no reason why some one will not pass.
A VERY BIG THANK YOU FOR YOUR AMAZING SITE ( excuse my caps but I can’t help it 🙂 )

From Miroslava

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, I passed my test today!!
I think your software support is brilliant. I have answered my 24 question in less than 10mins and walked out of the room very confident 🙂 recommended 🙂

From Karen

The online training program is set-up methodically and perfectly for people like myself who have a hard time memorizing material - including a significant amount of historical dates as required for the Life in the UK test.
The simulation tests, and to be able to take them in the style and format of the official test, was key for my ultimate readiness.
Very happy and thankful to report I passed!
Kind Regards,

From Clinton

Thank You for an amazing Tutorial, The setup of the simulation tests are exactly as it is in the actual test. The material is methodical and set up very well. Anyone wanting to pass their test first time should use this program. Passed first time and managed to complete the test in 5 minutes…

From Conrado

Thanks a lot CitizenshipSupport.co.uk, me and my wife pass the exam 24/24

From Celestina

I'm so thankful I found this Citizenship Training Program, it helps me so much. I'm more confident and enthusiastic because it's much easier to review .

From Natalia

Thank you very much for your online training program! I did not have problems with my test. I passed test 24/24 for 5 minutes. Your online training program really helps to train for test. I have already recommended your site to my friends.

From Ligaya

Thank you so much and I passed my exam last Saturday.
Thank you for your training program,it helped me a lot.And I recommend this website to my friends who want to take TOO…Godbless

From Maqsood

Hi I pass my test thanks to website so helpful.

From Janaid

Salam , I pass my test all thank to the website. Most question were same as in simulation test.

From Andre

First of all I want to say how fantastic this website is and how it helped me in the last few days to prepare for the exam. I literally walked in 5 minutes before the test started, I was nervous as hell and i wanted to get all the information out of my head, when the invigilator signed me in to take the test I was off with a smashing start and I was done and out the test room within less than 5 minutes. When I went back in the room to hear my results I was overwhelmed with my score – I’d got 24 out 24 questions right! All thanks to this useful resource. I am happy to say I can apply for my naturalisation and become a British citizen at last!

From Amanda

I started studying for my Life in the UK test a few weeks in advance (admittedly, a bit too late). My method included reading while making my own flashcards. It was taking sooo long. It got to the point that I figured out if I kept at the same pace, I'd end up finishing reading about the same time as I had to take the test and therefore would have to time to actually USE the flashcards to make sure I'd learned anything. At this point I panicked. I was trying to figure out a better way to get through all the material while also having some means of testing myself. I was SO relieved to find this site. I'd used a similar method to study for my driving theory test and did very well, so I was hoping to have similar results. Especially considering the effect that passing or failing this test could have on my life (I didn't really have time to retake the test). After starting to use this site, my studying sped up greatly. I was able to get through a chapter in about 1-2 days and actually retained the information through testing myself a million times with the chapter tests and practice tests. The chapter tests were great because rather than make my own flashcards, they were already provided, thus saving me sooo much time. I'm happy to say, even though I only used this site for a week before the test (I wish I had signed up sooner), I passed my test!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for an amazing study aid. I'm not sure what I would have done without it.

From Noreen

I passed my life in the uk test yesterday and im so happy, This website was really helpful. thanks

From Julie

Hi just to say thanks for helping me l had my test today and l got 100%. Your teaching helped me a lot thanks .

From Ratna

I had my test yesterday and scored 100%. Thank you for your training program, it helped me a lot as a learning tool. My country of origin is India.
Thanks again,

From Channah

It's been great so far... This system is like the best system. My husband said, this is the best thing he bought for me 🙂 lol
Thank you.

From Konstantin

I haven't tried any other program but I'm very impressed with yours. First thing I did when I started preparing for the test was to buy three books from TSO which I now regret, I wish I would of found you sooner.

From Lynda

I Passed my Test ,and i am soooo happy, your Training program was really helpful, i wish i had found it earlier and now my sister who lives with me ,is using it to train for her exams.

From Elona

I thank you for the amazing help. I passed my test today.
Elona H.

From Indra

Passed my test (First attempt). Thanks for this course, it was really helpful…

From Maria

Thank you so much for your help. I actually passed the exam, thanks for your support and more power.
Maria S

From Bally

Hello i am Bally. Today I passed my LIFE IN UK TEST , all questions are similar to your training test. I highly recommend this training program who want pass their test in first time. Thanks a lot really really thanks.

From Celine

Hi, I was pass my test Life in the UK yesterday . Thank you

From Malyun

hi my name is malyun and I did test today I pass the test thank you so much admin I got 19 out of 20 thanks and have a good night.

From Zaahra

I pass my life in U.K. test on Friday I got24/24 i am so happy thank you so much I recommend for every body want to pass life in U.K. test

From Iftikhar

I passed my test. I m very happy today. I want to say a big thank you for your support God bless and keep the good work going. your program was very good and help me .This is excellent training program. thanks again .

From Louise

I recommend this website it’s really helpful I passed my test today.

From Abdolahad

Thank you ,I passed my test. Your program was very good ,and help me.

From Moniba

hi , i passed my test with 100%. thank you very much for an excellent training.

From Mukunda

I enjoyed your programme enormously and highly recommend to any potential candidates. I passed the exam first time yesterday.
Many many thanks

From Mariam


From queen imoniigba

The sit help me in passing my test with 100% so I want to say a big Thank you for your support God bless and keep the good work going

From Jacqueline

Passed today. This website was instrumental. Thank you so much for all the help!!

From Sergiy

Thank you very much! It was great training program for me! All questions are being repeated again when you make mistake, it's very helpful tool! In fact, it took me only 6 min to finish my exam. I had 100%. Thanks again

From Riffat

i have enjoyed this and i have passed since i have used this. many thanks for this opportunity.

From John


Thanks for the training program. I worked first through the chapter questions and then the mock tests. I spent roughly 90 minutes per day for about 2 weeks.

When I wrote the actual test the questions were similar to your examples so I felt very comfortable as I worked through the test.

I firmly believe that your training program plated a key part in my preparation and ultimately in my successful passing of the citizenship


From Samuel

Thank you very much. Your online training is good and surely any candidate who can get an average of 24 correct answers in up to 15 attempts of your online test is will pass very easily.

From Waqas

I passed my test this morning and I can't say thank you enough! The material helped me understand the information included in the guide and break it into pieces that were easy to learn. Thank you for putting this program together, I'm extremely happy.Just to let you know i finished my test within first 2 mins and 50 sec.

From Glory

Hi, Thanks for the UK citizenship support for passing my test yesterday, it was really helpful this website. Again thank you so much

From Martha

Brilliant result, passed with 100% of questions that I answered were correct, thank you !! : )

From Luiza

I found your training very helpful. Passed my test on first try.
Kind Regards

From Suban

Thanks for the help. Well worth the money. Took my test yesterday and passed!

From Karen


Your training panel was truly outstanding and was really a big help in passing my test with flying colours - finished the test in 4 min... 🙂

All the best to your team.


Karen N

From Sheraz

It's very good site all the question were same it's make my test very very easy thank u very much.

From Violy

Hi I would like to thank this websites for having an excellent training program and i will recommend this to my friends who will take the life in the UK tests for its worth to pay it with great money value esp the MP3 in which i enjoy listening for this i learned more the history of UK and their values and principles and their government. My test is today as i finished it for 10 mins and i passed the score of 96%. I reviewed the test questions in this websites for 10 days and first time test then i passed and also with the blessings of the Lord almighty! A piece of advice just follow the guide of the training program as i can assure you will pass the test! God bless to all.

From Raj

Thanks to this training program. passed first time…recommended to my friends

From Maryam

thank you so much I got the best Mark which is 24 🙂

From Arijitkamal

Both me (Arijitkamal) and my wife (Senjuti) have cleared the test today. We found your comprehensive question bank useful and I'll recommend the same to others who might want to take this test in future.

From Simon

I passed the exam very easily after practicing on your web site. As the cost of the training program is rather low, I suggest it to everybody.

From Christina

I did my life in the uk and pass the test with very score. Best website and just answer all the stimulation question twice!..trust me you will never fail!

From Qamar

I passed the exam!! This website was very helpful!

From Mary

I did my test yesterday and I passed. thanks to this website. I would recommend it to everyone planning to do the life in the uk. Good luck guys

From Eugen

Dear CitizenshipSupport.co.uk
I want to congratulate all those who have worked on this website comes in support of us. You've found what you've good solution both for me and for all those who trusted you. I have passed this test, and I recommend everyone who visits this website and will go to test the chances of success will be 100% trust in both themselves and in you that you will succeed. Thank you very much. I wish all success.

From Trisha

Hi your site helps me a lot since I have a newborn, before I have a hard time figuring out what to do and the practise test makes it more easy to remember esp. important dates, events and people. Thank you! 😉

From Ahmed

Hi there,
Would like to thank you for the information provided this website ukcitizensupport was excellent and very useful and helped me pass the life in uk test first time.
Thank you

From Carlet

hi, many many thanks for this site i passed my test 2 days ago. it helps thank u again. I recomend this site it works.

From Adebayo

I passed the exam very easily after practicing on your web site. As the cost of the training program is rather low, I suggest it to everybody.

From Nazia

I am from Pakistan and I passed the test. I love this training program, its helps so much. £19 are absolutely worthwhile. Thanks and keep up the good work.

From Biju

Dear Sir/Madam,
The online training program is very helpful to me. The material you provided both audio and .pdf files are also very helpful. Thank you for such a wonderful training program.

From Ahmed

This website has been very helpful as I have passed my UK test! Thanks!

From Srini

Today I’ve passed the test very easily. This website is practice questions are very good and easy to remember. Thank you very much for the team who prepared the questions. I’m highly recommend to subscribe this website whoever are preparing for the life in the uk test. Good Luck.

From Zobia

I m very happy I pass my test tody 95% and im v thankful for thiz website

From Beverley

I passed easily ! Thank you - great training and great website.

From Tom

hi there . thanks for the help from this web. this web is 100% help full. i pass after i learn here .
regards Tom!!!!!

From Robin

I was very impressed with the comprehensive training given and would recommend it to anyone thinking of purchasing the training handbook and online practice tests.

From Sepideh

It was great; thx
I passed with full mark.

From Aliya

i enjoyed my training, i passed my test with 24 out of 24. and i m very happy and thanks to u ,train me very well. thanks again.

From Sut San

Thanks to this website. I’ve passed my first test. though i bought this ages ago but i only spent about a month study for it. it went great. definitely worth of money.

From Sumalee

Hi me just done my test yesterday and me pass the test thank you so much to help me. This program very help me to pass this test I just do practice test only 5 day and done my test only 10 minute. Good luck every one.

From Sahar


From Mervat

I have passed the exam. I got the full mark.
Thanks to you I had a deep understanding of the UK.

From Rebecca

Thank you for all your support, I passed my test today. I could not have done it without you. I would recommend this website to anyone taking Life in the UK. Thank you so much and all the best for the future.
Kind regards,
Rebecca aka BECKY2026

From Bandana

I passed the test today and the first time! I do not know the score because they don’t disclose it! The study material is brilliant! Took me 20 minutes to finish it and review it 5 times. Thank You!

From Chandni

I have passed my exam today. This web site is very helpfully . I did all my preaperation in this U K citizenship support. Com Thanks for the help .

From Sawsan

Thank you so much I passed my test and I got 24 out of 24.

From Fahimeh

It was very good practice before doing the test, since it contains very helpful and accurate tests. I appreciate your group work. I have never seen such a good reference like this. Thanks.

From Dorota

Big thank you for this website which was the only source of knowledge to pass the test. I recommend you to everybody who wants to finish this test fast and painless. Very well organised materials, mp3-superb idea, the best simulation test questions I could find anywhere. I left an exam room after 4 min and even didn’t check my answers.
Best wishes

From Hasit

amazing experience, and very good practice before my exam.i have passed my exam with full marks.thanks to your website,very good tutor .

From Annamariammal

Dear sir/madam
Thank u so much for ur mail..to be honest ur website is really make my life very easy..the only think is I found ur website abit late..but never mind im still keep practicesing for my exam next month so I hope this time I will pass.
Thank u again for ur website.

From Simran

I am very happy . I passed my test yesterday. This website help me alot. thank you very much . Its amazing website.

From Khwanruean

thank you very much,i found this site very helpful and I have pass life in the uk test .

From Albina

Hi there,
Firstable i bought 2 bookes to prepare myself for Life in the UK test, then when i got home and looked at the questions and what i will have to read and learn, so i was a bit shocked. I have 11 month old baby and i am doing distance study (Degree) , i dont have much time to read more books. I tried to research a bit easier option to learn all the questions and i found this website, looked at it and like it a lot, so, paid and returned my books i purchased back to WHSmish. what i like about this website is that you can download all on mp3 and listen in the car or while doing something (i muted TV & listen Chapters Life in the UK over and over while playing with my baby). She probably learned herself Life in the UK questions and answers 🙂 ... Then i practiced over and over and to be honest failed everytime (its too many questions to remember) but i was improving each time. Basically after 2,5 weeks i went for the test centre and i thought i will fail.... When i start the real test, i wasnt surprised at all as real test look exactly the same i hv done on this website, i felt more calm and it gave me a bit of confident... Guess what??? I have passed it 100% , i couldnt believe it but i did... I think it all because all the test looked exactly what i did at home over and over, its not something new to you when u r at real test centre.. I would advise to anyone who is planning to pass Life in the UK test to study this way as i did... Thank you to all the people who creat this website and thought about to put all Chapters in the mp3 form and lots of practicing test like a real test, its brilliant and i would recommened it to anyone... AGAIN, THANK YOU VERY MUCH TO THOSE PEOPLE WHO CREATED THIS WEBSITE 🙂

From Vassilis

I am very happy that I passed my test today.
Excellent training program. I will recommend to others.
Thank you thank you thank you

From Kat

I would like to thank you for your very helpful training. I passed my “Life in the UK” test yesterday, thanks to your study program. I would highly recommend your site to anybody who wishes to prepare for this test.
Best regards

From Nargis

I was finding it very difficult to prepare for life in uk test before I joined UK Citizenship Training Programme. It was very helpful. The course has been designed in a very professional way so you can never miss any information you need. Now i have passed my test and I thank UK Citizenship Support Team to help me.


I am very happy and excited that I passed my test yesterday . Thanks for the uk citizen ship support I hope that it goes well for everyone.Thanks so much !!!

From Grace

Hey guys, I am very happy that I have passed my test. Buying this package helped me a lot, I did not think that it will work but actually it worked and I am so thankful with the person that evented this idea. This is my second time of going to do the test and I passed after failing the test using other website to practice for my test but when I bought this package it did not even took me 10 days to read the book and practice for the test to pass it. I will deeply recommend it to anyone that want to do the British test. Good deal.

From Sarbaraj

Thank you so much for your giddiness for my life in the UK test. I have taken the exam today at 11 am, I was able to pass it easily I would like to say many thanks your help. The website simulation questions provided me with a good example which is similar with test.
This website is really helpful. I’m really grateful to your team. I hope more people continue to use this website as it’s very helpful.

From Rimsha

Im so delighted to say that I passed my test today. Almost all the questions were same as ur simulation test. Worth my money.

From Lucasz

I’ve purchased this programme exactly 13 days before exam. Each day I was reading chapters (properly) and solving tests. From time to time I tried simulation tests, just have a look in which areas I need to improve my knowledge. So finally yesterday I had my assessment and passed, therefore I fully recommend to buy this on-line study pack. I’ve found very useful on my Iphone to study any time. 100% recommendation.

From Edgar

Excelent training program, we past the test easily, our score was 22/24 and 23/24.
Thank You.

From Catia

Thank you for all the support! I passed my test! The material provided by you is very detailed, covers all the chapters information and the simulations are great! It really helped me! At first I was using other tools from diferent websites, but this one here is the best!

From Beverley

Please accept my thanks for your site and guidance. Anyone using your support will Pass if they follow the instructions. Read a chapter then test yourself. I did one chapter at a time and mixed in Simulation Tests to get a feel of the questions coming up. Huge thank you. I passed.

From Gerlie May Simeon

I have to say that at first I was a bit skeptical about this program, I thought its all but a waste of money, then I read the testimonials, I knew I had to give it a go with the amount of positive feedbacks. It’s one of the best decision I’ve ever made, I read through the chapters while listening to the audio, then the chapter test, to my surprise I found myself enjoying reading through it and doing the mock test,the simulation test is a little harder than the other tests online,it covers the whole book! Tbh i feel like I am so knowledgable than other Britons. I am so happy to share with everyone that I passed my test yesterday, first take!! This is so helpful! Highly Recommended! xx

From Farah

Thank u I passed my test this is the best site 2 study about life in UK test I passed first time! Very very good 🙂 🙂

From Jusztina

Hi there,
Your programme is a fantastic package, it helped me to pass my test. I am so grateful and thank you so much. It definitely wort £ 19. I could recommend to everyone. God bless you all!

From Wayne

Good morning,
I found the online training excellent. The Mp3 option to listen to the handbook was extremely useful, and I used this in conjunction with reading and found that I digested far more than reading or listening only. I wrote my test on the 8th August, and I am very happy to advise that I passed! I do not believe I would have passed easily without the use of the online training, especially without the chapter and simulation test facility. I absorbed so much more by utilising the chapter revision tests and the simulation tests. Thank you very much for this.

From Solange

Hi. I passed my test today. I recommend this site and found it very supportive and informative for preparation. I say to everyone this site really helps you prepare and the examples of tests really are helpful and what to expect.
Thank you and all the best.

From Lucky

I studied the whole online training program for 4 days, I took my exam and I successfully passed the test. The simulation test was really helpfull.. Thank you so much for this fantastic training program..

From Abi

Thanking God I passed today . Pls read the handbook and understand what each chapters meant. I memorised all d dates but I didn’t get any of it in my test. Thanks to this site as well coz I finished my test in less than 3mins. Thanks n God bless.

From Galabadage

thank you we all managed to pass the test. your questions package was really helpful toward the end.
5 stars (*****)

From Lydia

Thanks. Had four days to study passed my test today.

From Shaheera

hi sir i am passed my exam thanks.

From Indumati

Thank you. I have passed my test today.

From Ronald

First and foremost thanks god almighty for giving me a chance to pass this life in uk test, its worth a prayer! Although the test this morning gives me a lil bit nosebleed,but still conquer it!….. And of course a big thanks as well for the ADMIN CitizenshipSupport.co.uk for this site that they offer for the test takers! Cheers…..! I salute you!

From Olga

Dear Sirs,
The training includes everything you could possibly need for successful study and ensures that you know the content of the book completely and utterly. As a result I found the real test way too easy (finished in 4 minutes, don't know what was the percentage, but, I guess, very close to 100%), which is, I suppose, not a bad thing.
Thank you very much for your work.
Best regards,

From Criscelda

hello its fantastic, amazing, wonderful site, and very helpful, thank you very much indeed i past the exam today. its really hard the exam. god bless and million thanks…….

From Irma

Hello. I want to thank this site which helped me to prepare my exam easier. Today I passed it with all correct answers. Definitely recommend it to anyone who has to submit the test. You have to study but this is a tool that facilitates the process of understanding and memorization.

From Viviana

Good afternoon
I bought this program only 8 days before my test. I was worried because I did not have enough time to prepare and, as a plus, I knew I could not remember all the dates! I bought the book separately and I gave it a good read. I then practiced on the simulation tests as much as I could, resetting it once. Every time I could see my score improving by a couple of notches and history dates and facts sticking to my mind. In the end I could certainly remember most of them!
I today had my official test and I was successful. I must say the test was easier than expected but, as it covers the entire book, my piece of advice is: study, study, study the entire book, including the pictures’ captions!
Thank you guys for putting such a perfect job together!
Warm regards,

From Ofonime

Hi, training material quality wise is fantastic. I passed my test without stress. Thank you for taking time to put such a fantastic material together, it was worth every penny.

From Sam

Hello Everyone. PASSED WITH NEARLY FULL MARKS!!! As far as I'm concerned I just got 1 wrong about the WILLIAM WORDWORTH, THE DAFFODILS ON PAGE 100, study them guys! Apart from that the questions were VERY EASY. The secret is, read the book, listen to the book and practice mock tests on line as many times as possible until you feel confident! This on-line training was essential and contributed a lot for my success!

From Lelanie

Good day
My review is that this was the best £19 pounds spent. I had been studding for over a month and was not able to get all or most of the information into my head, I decided to give you guys a try and I remembered more than half of what I needed to know, it was definatly worth the money spent. Thanx for the help 🙂

From David

Dear Sir or Madam,
I took the test yesterday and passed with full marks. The online tests I took really prepared me for the actual test and after doing about 60 of your online tests that was really intense I found the actual test easy and passed with out any effort.

From Janet

I thank God I have passed my 'Life in the UK Test' today. Your training has really helped me to achieve this great success and I do sincerely commend your efforts. I have already recommended your training to a friend who is preparing to do her own test.
The only suggestion I have is to create more awareness of the 'online training programme' to those who would be doing the Test.
Once again, thank you so much and God bless.
Kind regards. Janet

From Sabir

Hi, passed my test this morning, thanks to ukcitizensupport for an amazing online tutorial. I have to say the test itself was by far too easy than I anticipated it to be, all credits to ukcitizensupport for making it so easy to understand, thumbs up. Piece of advise, you have got to study the book. Cheers.

From Gloria

l have passed my life in the uk test today! l am so happy. This program has really helped me to understand contents systematicaly. My advice to those who still have to write the test: just use this training program you will pass the first attempt. once more this is a very good program.

From Dalia

Hi I just passed my test all my answers were correct I would like to thank all who is responsible for this amazing web site it’s really helpful and it made me memorise all the facts and dates . Thanks millions times .

From shareeha

hi sir i passed my test yester day thank tou very miuch

From Jennifer

Took my life in the UK test today and passed first time around!! What a relief and this training programme helped beyond measure!! Don't be fooled though you must study but it makes things a lot easier through the mock test and chapter test. Would recommend to anyone who is taking this test!

From Badreddine

I just came back from the test centre passed my test… very pleased… with the informations I gained from going through history etc,,,
This website is the most helpful tool you can use to memorise and understand what you need to know.. getting more knowledge about a country you willing to stay in permanent is very wise.
Thank you very much for this great website good luck for the rest 🙂

From Norleen

My hubby and i had two days to prepare due to health complications which did not qualify to waiver the test....so feeling panicked i registered with CitizenshipSupport.co.uk to give us our best chance....We had read through the book, but immediately started the chapter and simulated tests..to see the correct answers to those you got wrong and redo until familiar with questions is a fantastic idea as you feel encouraged to tackle again.
Timeline is fantastic idea all i can say is undoubtedly your method of learning helped us both pass. I recommend to everybody taking this test as impossible to remember all those dates, kings, wars etc. You should incorporate this test method and reparation in all schools as well.
FANTASTIC RESULTS!!! Cant thank you enough!! The price is affordable and content invaluable as you recognize questions based exactly on formal test.
Thank you Thank you so very much!!!

From Rozalia

Hi thanks for your online training program, I learned so much in a very easy, and effective way. I think personally that there is everything people need to learn about the UK. Easy to use, very help full. Thank you for your support, and all that knowledge. Regards.

From Raewyn

I have now completed (and passed!) the Life in the UK Test on my first attempt. I found the practice questions very valuable and your training programme was a very worthwhile resource. The practice questions are very similar to those asked in the test.
Thanks for putting together such a comprehensive resource. I found it a very valuable tool.

From Alex

The UK citizenship support training course was just what I needed. I had been struggling to memorize a few things and taking notes and reviewing them was just not working when it came down to it. When I started the practice tests though, I really started to catch on. The way they are formatted and ordered in the chapter tests really helped me grasp everything - even very specific dates.

From Ingrid

I passed my test this morning! Thank you very, very much for a wonderful programme.
I spent up to 4 hours each day going through each and every question, getting up very early to study before work, and completed the programme twice. I also read the book twice, which was helpful, as it's so crammed with new information. I know I only got 2 wrong!
Thanks again for a marvellous programme. It was well worth the £19!

From Joycelyn

This program have been absolutely useful for me. The audio and test practice exams have helped me a lot to pass my exam. Booked this program for one week before my exam and passed for the first time! Thank you so much!

From Michael

Thank you for your website, very helpfull on my test. Passed my test today. Thank you very much.

From Anna

Dear team,
Thank you very much for your training programm. I am going to recommend it to everyone. I just passed my exam today. It is worth to study with you. Thank you once again.

From Gloria

Thank you for your website it has been very helpful , I passed my life in the UK test first time yesterday.
Thank you.

From Mano

I am happy to say that, I passed the life in the UK test in one sitting. Your test programme is really supportive & it gives me a lot to success this event.
Thank you very much. I am really appreciated your generous support on this.
Best Regards

From Rachida

dear sir madam,
I want just to thank you for your help to pass my test, now I passed the life in the UK test. Your panel training program really useful and I advice any one who want past the test to register with your program.
Thanks again for your help I wish you good continuation.

From Catherine

Thank you for all your help. I passed my test today. The questions were exactly the same in the actual test- I actually think some of your test questions were more difficult, which meant during the test i went through smoothly. I will definitely recommend your program to anyone going for their test. Thank you.

From Nithya

I'm Nithya, Thank you for ur training. Thank u very very much. Me & my husband both pass the exam. It’s a wonderful help u did. Thanks again.

From Sarah

CitizenshipSupport.co.uk site did help me a lot.
I did pass my test.
Thank you

From Lloyd

Thank you for your help for my life in the UK test. I have taken the exam today, I was able to pass it easily thanks your help. The simulation question provided me with a good example of the layout of the questions. This enables me to easily understand the question as well as makes it easier to remember the answers. Also the handbook also helps me remember certain information in which helps gives more information in which I can remember when answering the question. I’m not a good reader so the feature in which the handbook is read out to you really help.
I’m really greatful to your team citizen support. Hope more people continue to use your website as it's very helpful.

From Flora

Your website was really really helpful in helping to get me prepared for the Life in the UK Test.
I studied for the test by completing the simulation test on the website and on the test day it only took me 5 minutes to complete and I passed! (And I actually only spent 2 days studying! )
Definitely recommend this website to anyone who need to take the Life in the UK Test.
Thanks so much!!

From Theresa

I am enjoying the programme very well. It's fantastic and hope to introduce it to my friends. Bye Theresa

From Nomonde


From Lidia

I want to thank the support team! I recommend this site to anyone who is preparing for the citizenship test. I have passed my test with ease today! Your website is very helpful. I have been practicing every day for just over 2 weeks. First I listened to the audio book and read each chapter carefully, 2-3 times and then I did the chapter tests and simulation test. chapter tests helped me with revision and made it all seem not so hard anymore. The timeline was also useful, it helped me to memorise some of the important facts I got questions about during the test. During the test I got questions from all the different chapters. All of the practice payed off. And the format of the simulation test is the same, which is great! Good luck to anyone taking the test!

From Camilla

Hello, today I passed the new life in the uk test. The supervisor at the test said most people have been failing since it's introduction (only had passed so far since its introduction). I don't think I could have done it without all your practice tests.

From Carol

I wanted to thank you for your great program. I had 2 weeks to study for the new test and was not sure that just reading the book alone was going to help me pass the test. I took notes, etc., but when I found your site I felt a bit relieved. Having the test questions in the same format as the actual test was helpful. And having the chapter review questions was great as well – even if I was exhausted at the end of the day I could still run through test & chapter questions and thus in effect still study for the test. The download was equally helpful as I could listen on the train/tube. Many thanks!! I was very worried about taking the test on the 3rd day of the new test (not being able to read any reviews about how the new test was) – but thankfully I passed – with much thanks to you!!! Good luck to your future!

From Charles

First and foremost let me take this opportunity to thank you for the material that you have put up for people wanting to do the Life in the UK test.

I only had two weeks to prepare for the test. I spent the first week reading the book I had purchased and fortunately I came across the CitizenshipSupport.co.uk website. I did a few sample questions and I was impressed. I therefore decided to purchase the material right away despite the cost. When I saw it, the material was good and well structured. I liked the simulation tests as well as chapter tests. The chapter tests were as good as reading the book because they covered all the details. Sometimes it was sentence by sentence and this proved to be very good for revision. Because of the Limited time I had before the actual test, I couldn't manage to go through all the questions as they were over 2000! I also downloaded the MP3 version of the handbook and could listen to it in my car, Ipod and at home. To say the least the material was very helpeful. I am saying this because it helped me pass the new test being one of the very first people to take the new test on the first day of it's introduction!

Therefore If anyone out there needs any material on the life in the UK test, I would recommend UK Citizenship Support. The material they offer is really good. I now understand why it's at such a price. It's worth it!

From Nick

Dear CitizenshipSupport.co.uk Team
Many thanks for your wonderful program! I passed first time.
Kind regards,

From Debby

I was glad I used your program in preparation for my exam. I felt confident that I would successfully pass the Life in the UK exam and that was the outcome. I would recommend this format to other candidates. I especially appreciated the timeliness of the program as I took the test on the second day it was available. Thank you.

From Bohyun Kim

I found your website after I purchase other website question cds but the 2 cds never came but luckily I found this website when I was so struggle myself and such a short time I have and big big thank you CitizenshipSupport.co.uk.
I just speed up myself everyday and do all the practice test. I was not sure and so nervous for the real test but thank you so much for all the questions, I passed the test and good luck your business.

From Debbie

I found your website very user friendly. It helped me immensely to get myself prepared for the test and it also helped to build up my confidence. Money well spent and I would recommend your training program to everyone sitting Life In The UK test. I passed the test 1st time and this was down to the help of your training program. Thank You!

From Anjuli

I had a fantastic experience with this website. My friend recommended it to me after I failed the first time I took the test.
I had just over a week until my 2nd test was booked when I signed up to CitizenshipSupport.co.uk. The website is so easy to use and I found the chapter tests very helpful. The questions you answer incorrectly are repeated until you answer them correctly which is a very useful learning mechanism. I felt so much more comfortable going into the Life in the UK test this time and PASSED WITH CONFIDENCE!
I would highly recommend this to anyone taking the Life in the UK test.
Thank you to the whole team at CitizenshipSupport.co.uk!
Anjuli 🙂

From Cristian

Hello, I am pleased to say that I passed my test, I didn't discover this training website until 2 days before my exam and it did help a lot having the audio files on my iphone on the train going to work. The format is exactly the same as the original test, overall it is a really good way to get confidence and a great source of study.

From Trang

Dear Sir/Madam,
Your website was the best I have come across with. I practiced all the chapter's test and the simulation test. I sat for the real test 2 days ago. It took me less than 5 minutes to complete the test and passed with 100% pass mark.
I strongly recommended your website to anyone who wants to pass the test successfully first time trying. Thank you for creating the questions with clear details, easy to follow and most importantly easy to remember the important timeline in each chapter. It makes the whole study process not so much daunting and tiring.
Well done team for doing such a great work.
Kind Regards,Trang

From Raja

I had a test today, which I passed. Your website is the best thing to train online. Your server was never down unlike other vendors.
I have very busy schedule, so unfortunately, I was not able to give full devotion and time to the practice. I was not able to complete all the chapter tests, and I was not able to complete all the simulations questions bank. I just read all the chapters, then I practiced the simulation test. Your server was never down unlike other vendors.
But this few hours practice made me so much prepared that I finished my real test in less than 3 minutes and I was passed. Your test simulation is the true copy of real test. I really highly recommend your website to anyone who wants to pass the test in first attempt. Thanks for brilliant website.

From Marli

Hi, I've been studing life in the UK and I just passed the test, It was really helpful…The test is similar to what I’ve studied….

From Susan

Your training has been good to me. It helps me in my confidence. Thank you for providing such a good online training. Also I passed in my first attempt.

From Wilhelm

Hi there. I would like to thank you a thousand times for the excellent preparation your solution provided. I finished the test in under 2 minutes and got 100% without breaking a sweat, and I believe it was primarily because of the solid preparation from using your system and completing all the online tests. Thanks again.

From Mike

I passed the the life in the UK test. Your site was very useful and a must for applicants wanting to pass the test. Cheers Mike

From Rolando

I got 100% on my test. Your practice test reviewer was really big help to me.

From Ping

Hello. This website is very helpful. All program was of great value to me! I got 100% at my citizenship test and I only spent 2 minutes to finish all the questions. The questions on this website is very similar to the questions on the real test. Thank you very much and I will recommend it to my friends.

From Senthil

i enjoyed the trainning and i passed the test,the program was very useful.

From Zafer

Really I found your program very helpful and much easier than reading the book. I had about 10 days even less to prepare but using your system in this short time was enough for me to master the test. I advise everyone to use this system because it shows the shortest way to pass the real test. Furthermore, the support team they refresh my account (with thanks) which helped me to practice all tests twice. Good Luck for everyone.

From Mohinder

I find your program easy to use and very helpful. I passed my test yesterday first try. Some questions were worded slightly differently but mostly the same than in your program. I am really glad I passed my test, now I don't have to worry about it anymore. Thank you!

From Lenka

Hello. Your citizenship training module and test is very interesting and helpful. Just doing test over and over till I remember all. That money what I spend is worth it. I can say to everyone - go for that site. Thank you again.

From Alejandro

Your website was amazingly helpful. With only a few days before the test, it helped me in a brilliant way. Definitely recommended!

From Sabina

You program is very easy to use, and it covers all required chapters to study. When I took my test, I was pleasentely surprised that a majority of the questions I have already seen on your program. Also, I asked few questions by email, and you replied right away, so that is nice. I recommend your citizenship support website!

From Vincent

Your site is so helpful! I love doing the chapter tests, and you have a link pointing to the corresponding chapter page. Brilliant. You even include the test material. Definitely worth my money! Your site gives me confidence and hope that I will pass my test. Wish me luck!

From Lian

Your website is beautiful. It is very efficient way to learn all UK facts. So many! I am very happy to become UK citizen, this is very important step in my life. I passed my test and I say you helped me become citizen. The test is too difficult without good preparation, I was very afraid. So thank you thank you.

From Kalash

The training you provide is excellent. It is a real learning method that you have here. I took my life in the uk test last week and I got almost perfect score. Thanks to your website program. I definitely recommend it to all my friends.

From Obike

Dear UK Citizenship Support team. This is my review: your website is very organized and I enjoyed the practice. I couldn’t read the book over and over again, it is not the way I learn, so I am very glad I found your website. I recommend this practice site to anyone taking the life in the uk test. Very helpful.

From Moswen

To citizenshipsupport team: I really liked that I was able to do some tests by chapters first, to learn the content of the handbook. And I used your timeline quite a bit too. Then I used your simulation tests, and I passed my “real” test first time! It is nice to find some help in preparing for this test. You guys are very professional and I can tell you take your mission seriously. Thank you!

From Alfreda

Hello. Thank you for assisting me with my citizenship test. I passed my test thanks to your program. You saved me time and I gained confidence in myself to pass this test. Thank you very much, keep up the good job.

From Sadhan

I passed my test two days ago. I finished all questions in 8 minutes with a score of 95%! Most questions were the same as in your practice tests. This is a very important step in my life, so thank you for your help. It was worth my money.

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  1. Hi guys. I need help I feeeel is very difficult which one is the best I do. Chapter yes our the ‏question test our listen mp3 help guys I have booking test 9 October 2020

    1. Hi Halimo,
      If you were to choose only one thing to practice in our program then we suggest the Chapter Tests. If you complete all the tests with a passing mark then that would be a good indication that you have learned and understand all the testable material.
      Good luck on your test!

  2. Hi, How many days do you think would be enough to prepare using your study material. I have only few days for my test. Please advise. Thank you!

    1. Hi! Everybody learns at their own pace. So, it is hard to say how long it will take you to finish our training. Based on customer feedback, our program is the quickest and most effective way to prepare for your test. Many use our program with only a couple days to prepare and that is a sufficient enough time for them.

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